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There are some great games and activities on this website to support the children’s learning in Maths and English.


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Thank you so much to all the parents and siblings that came to our shared learning afternoon. We all had a lovely afternoon and I hope you enjoyed looking at the children’s work and playing and learning with your children.

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Today we wrote addresses on the envelopes for our invites and posted them in the letter box.

Look out for your invite in the post, we hope you can come!!


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Last week we had so much fun carrying out different experiments. We made predictions about what we thought would happen and then tested them. Have a look at some of the fun things we did.

Can you tell someone in your family about what we did/learnt?

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This week we made some different potions that the witch might have used from the Jolly Postman. We had to use our skills of measuring using ml.

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On Wednesday, when there was only half of Year 1 at school, our learning was interrupted at 9.30am by another package from the postman. This time we had two packages to open and a letter. The letter stated that Jack had returned from his holiday and cut the beanstalk down, just as the postman was posting the Giants letters. Meaning, he was now stick up in the clouds. He asked us to plan, make and test something which would get him down safely. After much deliberation we decided that parachutes would be the safest way for him to come down. In pairs we planned our design, made the parachutes and tested them by dropping them off the top of the climbing frame. We had a really fun day and we were so pleased to be able to help the postman solve his problem!

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Yesterday we had a really fun day. Some of us went to a multi skills event and took part in lots of different sports activities. We did yoga, dancing, ball skills, basketball, tennis and also had a go at an obstacle course. Everyone that went took part and had a really good time.

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We visited the shop this morning and had to find something to buy for £1. We talked about items we would be able to buy and some that we wouldn’t. We managed to buy some fruit such as, pineapples, watermelon and bananas. Some of these were less than £1 so we even got some change!


You have £1. Could you buy a box of biscuits for £1.10? Why? How could you make this amount?

Comment below..

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What an exciting day we had today!! We had a great time at the Aquarium and learnt some new interesting facts and information about life under the sea. I wonder if you can tell us some facts or something you learnt? Comment below.

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We had such a great time at the ball on Friday afternoon, we did lots of dancing. We had fruit tails, some of us liked them some of us didn’t. We also made crowns and bow ties!! We looked amazing, have a look at some of our pictures.


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